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2014 NTFL Playoff Brackets

NTFL website schedule will supersede all other schedules listed on any documents.

Below are the links to the brackets for each division.

6th Grade Playoff Brackets

5th Grade Playoff Brackets

4th Grade Playoff Brackets

3rd Grade Playoff Brackets

Flag Playoff Brackets


2nd Grade Division

The 2nd Grade Division does not have a playoff bracket due to the number of teams.  For the 10 week season, each team will play each other twice and will have two bye weeks.  The season champion will be determined based on overall Raw Winning Percentage (RWP) for the division (RWP=Total Games Won/Total Number of Games Played).  The 2nd grade division can have multiple season champions; there will not be a playoff if there is a tie.


Playoff Game Schedule and Locations

  • Playoff and Super Bowl venues will be determined by seeding.  The team with the higher divisional overall seed shall have home field advantage.


  • Playoff locations and schedules shall be established by the Executive Board and are subject to change.